Independent Citizens has no local or national political party affiliation. We value and strongly protect our independence. This is our great strength.



Independent Citizens has a proud history and a strong future based around its careful selection of quality candidates dedicated to open and fair decision-making, without the constraints of political party influence.

Our candidates, who have diverse experience and community connections, are best placed to meet the challenge of the next three years and get the job done. They believe it is important to focus on what is in the best interests of the entire community, ensuring social and commercial objectives are in balance with environmental needs.

Our ongoing commitment is to respond to the needs of the city and of the local communities we represent.

Our Plan


  • To rebuild the city’s vital infrastructure – our roads and underground pipes – on time and on budget.
  • To ensure the community has the strongest possible voice in the rebuild.
  • To ensure essential local government functions are maintained.
  • To work in partnership with central government and other key agencies to ensure we rebuild a vibrant, safe and prosperous city with strong community networks and support.
  • To reduce red tape and bureaucracy and speed up effective and efficient decision-making.
  • To enhance Christchurch’s cultural, sporting, business and Garden City image and encourage private sector investment and community activities.
  • To monitor and lobby for responsible Council budgets.
  • To lobby actively for Christchurch’s role as a business and tourist-friendly city.