Jamie Gough

Council - Fendalton

I have been backed as your city councillor for the past six years.

What sets me apart from others is that I'm not interested in why things can't happen, I'm committed to finding ways they can. 

I bring a business background with a people focus which puts you and our city's future at the heart of decision making. 

My commercial background is primarily in property, asset management and corporate governance. I also have nine years of local government experience via two council terms and one community board term.

During my time as Asset Manger for Hereford Holdings Ltd, I was also on the executive of the Central City Business Association Board. In 2010 I was appointed to the board of Gough Group, a family heavy machinery, transport and finance company, which includes the New Zealand Caterpillar dealership and employs around 1,000 people in New Zealand and Australia. I have been chairman/director of Vbase Ltd and a director of Canterbury Development Corporation Ltd and Jet Engine Facility Ltd. 

I also sit on the board of Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL), Gough Corporation Holdings Ltd and Gough Property Corporation Ltd.

I have been involved at the committee level and actively help fundraise for the likes of the Bone Marrow Cancer Trust, the Diabetes Research Institute Trust, the Imagination Station, the Foundation for Youth Development and the Canterbury Earthquake Children's Trust. 

My commitment to Christchurch is for the long-haul; I bring energy and a results-based background. I am driven to protect and enhance our Garden City image and to help rebuild a city that is safe, attractive, vibrant and prosperous both now and for the future.

You can contact me at:
027 231 4393


David Cartwright

My principal place of residence is in the Fendalton Ward of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board area.

I am committed to our community and those who live in it. The next few years will continue to be important for the development of Christchurch, and a strong community voice is needed to ensure we make the most of every opportunity.

I want to see a straightforward and common sense approach to the governance of Christchurch, with clear and open communication between all stakeholders.

My background is in hospitality and general management. I am a member of the NZ Institute of Directors, and a board member of Keep Christchurch Beautiful. My community involvement gives me the opportunity to talk with people from a variety of organisations and interest groups; providing a broad perspective on what is happening across our city, and a sound base from which to advocate on different issues.

You can contact me at:
027 496 5977



Sam Macdonald

I am currently the Chair of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board.

My principal place of residence is in the Waimairi Ward of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board area.  

I am 27 years old and I currently reside in the Waimairi Ward, working as a Chartered Accountant. I am involved in our local community and I have a strong financial background. I am excited by the opportunities Christchurch presents post-earthquake, and I believe it is crucial we encourage more young people to get involved in the Local Government Elections.

I believe that the decisions the Council and our Community Boards make now will continue to impact future generations of Cantabrians, and because of this we must work to ensure that Council decisions are pragmatic, fiscally sustainable and future focussed. I believe in local representation and I welcome your feedback at any time.

You can contact me at:
027 333 9215

Linda Chen

Community Board - Harewood

My principal place of residence is in the Harewood Ward of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board area.

I was raised in Christchurch and I have attended two primary schools in the Harewood area. My interests are in future development and upgrading the living standards of all the residents in our community.

I believe Harewood has so much to offer and the fantastic people in this community deserve the best. To me, this means having safer roads with more traffic lights, better facilities for people of all ages and a cleaner environment not only for our current residents but also for the future generation.

As a financial adviser, I am very people-focused and am passionate about listening and finding the right solutions for families and businesses in our community. I also strongly feel that our residents need to be well informed on the use of the council's budget to make sure the funds are allocated appropriately.

You can contact me at:
027 844 9087

Helen Broughton

My principal place of residence is in the Riccarton Ward of the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board area.

I am currently the Deputy Chair of the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board. 

I am a strong, experienced advocate with a real commitment to this community, where I have lived over 30 years and have raised two children in. 

As Deputy Chair of your current Community Board and former City Councillor, I have the planning knowledge and experience to advocate effectively for our diverse community that is facing increased pressures from the new City Plan. 

I am committed to protecting our residential environment and giving residents a real voice on local decisions. In this term, I have stopped apartment zoning in north Riccarton, promoted parking restrictions in residential streets, retained Council services for the new Riccarton Community Centre and developed the university to city cycleway. 

I work to protect our heritage: former Trustee of Riccarton House and Canterbury Museum. I hold a MA (Hons) from Canterbury, former human resource manager, trained teacher and counsellor. 

I will continue to stand up for you and deliver results.

You can contact me at:


Catherine Chu

Community Board - Riccarton

It’s time for a new face and a new perspective for Riccarton.

I was born in Christchurch, raised in Riccarton and am currently a Business Banking Manager. I am also studying Chinese and Japanese at the University of Canterbury. Furthermore, I am fluent in both Korean and English. With a multi-cultural background, I have a broad understanding of various cultures and I believe I can unite our different ethnic groups together.

I am also volunteering for the youth in our community as a member of the Youth Committee at the Riccarton Rotary Club.

Being brought up in Riccarton has helped me understand what needs to be implemented for our community. There have been many changes in Riccarton since the earthquake. The influx of population has caused traffic congestions and parking problems. The issue of increase in crime rates and the safety of our residents needs to be addressed. My focus is on investing in the right areas where it matters to you and ensure that every dollar makes a difference to our society.

I believe that transparency is key in ensuring that this happens as it means we can collaborate as a community and go through a collective decision making process, making the right choices for our people. Your voices and opinions are what matters to me most.

You can contact me at: 
021 176 0985


Bridget Williams

Community Board - Fendalton

My principal place of residence is in the Fendalton Ward of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board area.

Being a fifth generation Cantabrian, I have lived in the area for all of my 24 years and have immense pride for my city. After my experience as President of the Student Volunteer Army, it was a natural step to apply my passion and commitment to the community.

I am stepping up again with three years experience and enthusiasm, to ensure your opinions are upheld and supported. I will continue making a positive change where it counts whether it's maximising creativity, encouraging local talent, or pushing your values into action.

Having recently graduated with both Law and Arts Degrees at Canterbury University, I've made a conscious choice to remain in Christchurch during future focused decisions. Being one of the younger representatives, I bring a youthful perspective complimented by my previous term and local knowledge.

Together we can flourish fresh development, respect tradition while embracing community compassion.

You can contact me at:
027 698 6383


ShirIsh Paranjape

Community Board - Waimairi

My principal place of residence is in the Waimairi Ward of the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board area. 

Since moving to Christchurch in 2002, I have been active within the Waimairi community. I am a Justice of the Peace, an active member of the Rotary Club, Vice-President of the Christchurch MultiCultural Council and a Neighbourly lead. 

An electrical engineer by trade, I work as an international sales manager for a local hi-tech export company. I have been in customer-service roles throughout my career and I am confident in my managerial capabilities and ability to resolve conflicts. I have an appreciation of different perspectives and opinions and I welcome feedback. 

My experiences have taught me the value of community engagement, diversity and prudent money management. 

I enjoy working in teams with a common purpose. 

I love our city and I am passionate about Christchurch's future. 

I have integrity and passion for the role of your representative in Waimairi. 

You can contact me at: 
021 246 0308