I’m standing for the Environment Canterbury Christchurch Central Ōhoko ward. I know the ward well – it’s where I went to school, it’s where my children grew up, and where my office was based and where I live today. I’m well aware of the issues the ward faces and I’m committed to seeing an environmental turnaround. ECan must put up a fight instead of giving away the city’s aquifer supply to foreign water bottlers, and do more to clean up the waterways, which are becoming increasingly polluted with nitrates. These are already leaching into some rural wells, and it’s only a matter of time before they reach the city’s precious aquifers.

Christchurch has always been at the heart of what I’ve done – as chair, I’m leading the restoration of the Arts Centre, possibly the world’s largest heritage building project, and as chair, I helped save the Court Theatre after it lost its home in the disastrous February 2011 earthquake. I know ECan well, having worked there until a couple of years ago.

As a councillor, I’ll be putting all my experience to work to protect our aquifers and waterways for my children and grandchildren to enjoy – in fact, for all future generations. And I’ll be catching the bus into ECan meetings – city-based councillors shouldn’t need a carpark.

But I can only begin to make that sort of difference if you give me your support when you vote for the ECan Council.

I can be contacted at www.felicityprice.com

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I live and pay rates in the Christchurch Central Ward I wish to represent.

As a councillor I will bring experience and passion to the Council table in matters related to air and water quality and like many Cantabrians I share a concern for the health of our unique natural resources. I am determined to ensure they are returned to the quality we enjoyed in the past to be enjoyed in the future.

As the board chairman of W H HARRIS Ltd, I bring a strong business and financial background with enthusiasm and knowledge to environmental matters that are ECan’s responsibility.

I have held numerous executive positions on business and industry related bodies, both on a local and national level. I work at a professional, responsible level and am asking for your support when you vote for ECAN Central.

I can be contacted on 021351944


It is important to me that ECAN makes sensible and balanced decisions managing our environment to ensure that our children’s future is sustainable.  We have a diverse community with different needs and careful consideration must be given to all uses.

Our water, land, air and public transport must be managed well for our growing population across the region. I want to see a long-term strategic vision put in place that spans the generations so Canterbury knows where it is heading.

Planning for climate change is a priority and should be based on sound scientific evidence. Getting the right balance is imperative to ensure a sustainable future is reached in an achievable way.

Council rates around the country are out of control. I want to see the council live within their means and control rates with spending on priority infrastructure projects before luxury. I will vote to keep rates in line with inflation.

Water needs to be protected and the governing laws need to be sorted.  Good management and allocation will ensure that the water supply is sustainable for now and future generations. 

My family and I live in Saint Martins. I have been a business owner for over 20 years and I have been involved in charities, local trusts and community groups around Christchurch.

 I can be contacted anytime on lincolnplattECAN@gmail.com or 022 69 66 850


I am running for a second term as an Environment Canterbury Councillor, contesting the Christchurch West ward.

As one of the elected Councillors since 2016 I am standing for re-election because I want to continue the work being done to reduce the impact of intensive farming on our waterways and threats to our drinking water. 

I have been part of the work done to tighten nitrate limits over the past three years and I want to continue to do this so we can see improvement. It is a slow process to turn around the damage already done, but we have been making progress. 

While water quality is my main interest, I have also been involved in protecting our freshwater fisheries which are in urgent need of stronger protection.

One area where additional restrictions are necessary is to protect residents from industrial activity such as quarrying near their homes. If we are going to make these changes and solve these problems, we must put rates to good use. I was the only councillor to vote against ECan rates increasing by 10.5% and I will keep demanding we live within our means.

My qualifications in Accounting and Law together with an extensive commercial background give me the skills and knowledge to continue to work on your behalf. With your vote I can do that.

I can be contacted on 0210650307